Case Study: Energy and Power Solutions

COmmunications strategy • events + engagements • Content Creation

Energy and Power Solutions

In an expansion of our ongoing public relations service, energy management service provider EPS requested we take over its overall marketing efforts. Experiencing a wave of growth after an influx of funding, the industrial energy efficiency company wanted to quickly ramp up its marketing function while searching for a long-term staffing solution.


What we did

Blue Practice immediately assumed all marketing functions for the company for the first six months and then was asked to continue in that role for more than a year. We developed a very aggressive marketing plan and set out to own food & beverage – a strategic vertical market. We built a new website and corresponding content, created a new company tagline, managed corporate collateral and exhibits, built a strategic list of shows and events, and effectively re-positioned the company as a leader in a newly emerging category called “Energy Intelligence,” enlisting the help of leading technology research firm to author a report on the sector.


In our tenure as marketing leaders, we succeeded in building a market presence for the company in a vertical industry sector and in elevating the EPS’ corporate brand. Through our work in comprehensive market segmentation, we directed the company to new target strategic sectors for business development, and then effectively marketed the company in those areas with a newly-developed toolkit of key messages and positioning. We continued to work closely with the company to carve out its leadership role as a leader in “Energy Intelligence.”