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Mission Motors hired Blue Practice to create and execute a complete go-to-market plan for its all-electric sport bike, and subsequently manage the public relations effort behind its launch. The challenge was that there was no product or audience – while Mission had created the drive system, the motorcycle had yet to be designed and the audience yet to be identified.

What we did

We solved the dilemma by connecting Mission with world-renowned industrial designer Yves Behar and his design studio Fuseproject. Once Behar agreed to design the bike, we collaborated with the two companies to build out a comprehensive marketing direction for the company, including market segmentation and public relations support for the product launch.

We identified the TED conference, with its focus on innovation and its high-worth attendees, as an ideal venue to first show the nearly six-figure bike. We leveraged our long history with the conference and deep relationship with show organizers to secure launch and media exposure at TED 2009 Long Beach, and targeted consumer business and motorcycle media not attending the show, even though the flagship bike wouldn’t be finalized for months.

Mission One got a roaring start. On February 4, 2009, the company founder and Yves Behar received the rare opportunity of unveiling the world’s fastest production plug-in sport bike on stage at TED. Because of the sensational appearance, we helped to generate a wave of enthusiasm for the visionary product, including early coverage in outlets like: Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, Gizmodo, Autoblog Green, WIRED Autopia, Car and Driver, and The Los Angeles Times.

Blue Practice continued to work with Mission Motors through two iterations of the vehicle, and helped reposition the company through its transition to being an OEM supplier of electric drivetrains.