AI +  PR: How Chatbots are Changing Communications

close up shot of a human hand and a holograph

The bots are finally taking over, as ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard and other AI tools are revolutionizing the way we communicate and connect. And the PR industry is no exception. In fact, still in the early days of the technology, we’re finding that the pairing of AI + PR presents an exciting opportunity for us to amplify messages, engage with stakeholders, and drive positive impact in entirely new ways. 

Especially as a boutique firm, AI-powered tools and technologies are enhancing Blue Practice’s capabilities, giving us an expanded ability to service our clients, and empowering us to make data-driven decisions, identify relevant trends, and create more personalized and impactful campaigns. 

Audience Targeting

One of the key advantages of AI in PR is precision targeting and personalization. We’re now finding ways to leverage AI algorithms to identify and engage with the most relevant and receptive audiences for the stories we’re pitching. Through AI-driven audience segmentation, we can analyze hundreds of channels at once, optimize our outreach, and craft targeted messages that resonate with specific outlets and groups, leading to higher conversion rates. Combined with our personalized content and tailored outreach, the support of AI allows us inroads into a deeper connection with stakeholders, driving our clients’ expertise and advocacy.

Optimizing Media Outreach

A spate of AI-powered PR tools now embedded into PR media databases like Muckrack and Meltwater have also streamlined media outreach. AI algorithms can identify journalists, influencers, and media outlets most likely to cover the green initiatives, clean energy solutions, and sustainability projects we need to promote. With its ability to search through and analyze vast catalogs of past media coverage and journalist preferences, AI optimizes media pitch strategies, increasing the likelihood of positive press coverage and brand visibility.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We’re also finding AI-driven data analytics to be a game-changer in our work. Real-time data insights allow us to track the performance of campaigns, monitor sentiment around environmental initiatives, and measure the impact of sustainability communications efforts. Data-driven decision making empowers companies to continuously refine their communication strategies, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. For example, we can use real-time AI web tools to analyze social media posts, news articles, and blog posts to understand how our campaigns are being received, identify concerns, and adjust our strategies accordingly. 

Enhanced Issues Management

In times of crisis or in capitalizing on trending issues, AI-powered sentiment analysis can quickly gauge public attitudes on topics of interest, helping us respond promptly and insert ourselves appropriately. By understanding public perception and the existing narrative around given issues, we can better implement effective communication strategies, maintain trust, and mitigate reputational risks.

Content Creation

It would be an oversight not to acknowledge what most everyone’s using AI for: content creation. However, at the agency we approach this with caution. Delegating content creation entirely to AI chat engines can be a shortcut resulting in language that feels stilted and impersonal. Instead, we’re using AI as a springboard for our own content generation – to help overcome writer’s block and rapidly generate multiple iterations of a concept. We meticulously edit our AI-generated content, using it as a preliminary guide to shape our own uniquely human narratives.

As these AI tools become more ubiquitous, we’re finding a huge opportunity to leverage them for more effective and impactful communication. By harnessing the power of AI-driven insights, precision targeting, and data-driven decision making, we can amplify clients’ messages, build stronger connections with stakeholders, and drive positive change for a more sustainable world. Contact us to learn more.