Carbon Removal Reinvented: Insights from Carbonfuture’s Success Story

When Carbonfuture approached us, they were poised to expand beyond their central and historic focus in the European market. They were building a marketplace for carbon credits and were keen on reframing their offering to bridge the gap between niche publications, knowledgeable about the intricacies of the voluntary carbon market, and larger global publications whose coverage had been more high-level.

The Task

Our task was to provide insights and strategic recommendations for the next phase of their media relations through a thorough media landscape analysis. We delved deep into preparing insight and analysis of their complete competitive space and the attention they had received to date. By analyzing previous coverage of Carbonfuture, their competitors and the way the media had covered the space to date, we were able to help Carbonfuture understand how companies in their space had defined their share of voice, the impact of press releases, and other announcements, and what the recurrent themes were in how they were perceived in the media.

Through our deep understanding of the conversations in the media, we were able to make data-based strategic recommendations that would align with the media’s interest and set them apart as thought leaders and experts in carbon removal.


Our analysis revealed widespread criticism of the carbon market’s status quo, due to a history of bold and unsubstantiated claims in the carbon space. This highlighted the need to develop story narratives and corporate positioning that led with data and built trust through impact data and the inclusion of credible and impartial voices, such as NGOs and academics, to enhance trust and credibility.

By sharing impact data and case studies with media that demonstrated the effectiveness of carbon removal through biochar, we were able to support Carbonfuture’s mission of building trust in carbon removal, bringing new understanding to the potential of carbon removal. 

Based on our thorough research and understanding, we were able to make impactful recommendations to Carbonfuture on how to reframe their business and the opportunity they presented in bringing further legitimacy into carbon removal. We emphasized the need for collaboration with credible entities and the importance of showcasing successful case studies to build trust and understanding in the evolving carbon market.Thanks to our research, analysis, and strategic recommendations, Carbonfuture was able to construct the next evolution in their corporate communications, and earn interest and coverage in a-tier and industry publications such as the Wall Street Journal,  Carbon Pulse, Carbon Herald, and more. We were able to steer the company’s strategy forward in a new direction, enabling them to effectively communicate their commitment to immediate and confident climate action and their rigorous, data-driven approach to ensuring unmatched quality and reliability of carbon removal.