The Power of Threads for B2B Cleantech Companies

threads by meta logo, string in the vague shape of an "at" sign, next to the word Threads

Threads, Meta’s innovative social media platform, has taken the digital world by storm, attracting 30 million users within seven hours of its launch. Dubbed as a potential “Twitter killer,” Threads offers real-time conversations and community-building features similar to Twitter. Cleantech companies operating in the B2B space are presented with both opportunities and challenges in leveraging this platform to enhance their communication and marketing strategies.

The opportunity

The biggest opportunity came with Threads’ integration with Instagram. The connection between the two gave Threads an international platform at launch, with presence in over 100 countries. This global reach made it attractive to any company looking to expand and connect with a diverse audience interested in compelling content about sustainability and clean energy solutions.

The Challenge

However, one potential challenge for B2B cleantech companies is the deviation from Twitter’s chronological feed, which may impact user retention for those accustomed to real-time updates. If a company heavily relies on Twitter for time-sensitive industry discussions and news updates, shifting to Threads with a non-chronological feed may disrupt their communication preferences and lead to a less favorable user experience. Additionally, Threads experienced a significant drop in engagement shortly after its launch. Although Meta plans to improve retention with additional features, the platform’s long-term viability remains uncertain. B2B cleantech companies looking for stable and consistent engagement with their audience may find Threads less appealing as a reliable communication channel.

Threads undoubtedly offers unique opportunities for companies to engage with a diverse global audience and build meaningful connections. However, the content that gains the most traction on Threads tends to be shorter and simpler than true thought leadership often requires.  Additionally, any company on the platform must carefully weigh the benefits against potential challenges, such as platform uncertainties and deviations from familiar communication formats. While Threads holds promise, it is crucial for cleantech companies to balance a platform’s offerings with their overall comms strategies, goals, and needs. For now, we find Threads best for connecting on an individual basis, listening to trending conversations among a diverse global audience, and until the platform matures, we encourage a diversified approach to B2B social media comms – specifically leveraging proven, established platforms like LinkedIn.